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» Saturday, November 28, 2009
Sad Sack Saturday
God! Is there a rule that says I'm not allowed to sleep at night? The first part was my fault; I was up late reading and got chilled. Plus I've been trying not to snack. So I was cold and hungry and it was hard to fall asleep. I finally put on heavier pajamas.

Then James' alarm clock went off at an ungodly hour. This aroused another portion of my anatomy. Forgot to bring something warm to sit in the bathroom. Cold again.

So I woke up with the start of a migraine, cold feet and hunger. We were headed over to Glenlake so James could take his blood test. Afterwards we stopped at the IHOP on Roswell Road. I had the gingerbread pancakes, nice and spicy, and a few rashers of bacon. That, along with two Tylenol, dispatched the headache. James made me some grilled cheese tortillas to help solve the other problems, but as soon as he left for his IPMS meeting, I sacked out on the sofa for two hours to the accompaniment of Holiday Traditions on low. Had Schuyler's cage next to me. I'm starting to believe egg binding may not be the problem. I hope so. She's been full of vinegar this afternoon.

Tidied up a bit and goofed off on the computer while waiting for James. Now we're just relaxing, still listening to Holiday Traditions. I'm a bit ticked, as the Holiday Pops channel isn't starting until December 7. Phooey. Dish doesn't seem to have a Christmas music channel this year, either. It's always been on 982. (Oh,'s on 949 this year. Weird.)

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