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» Thursday, November 19, 2009
Day by Day
No nightmare last night, hurrah. Still feeling exhausted, and digestion all in a tumult. Took an hour of sick leave this morning to get in a little more sleep, and coaxed myself to work via a cinnamon Yankee candle and more Christmas music. During lunch I cleaned out the bird feeders once again. I fill them and it rains before the birds empty them, turning the seed into a sticky pile of glop with sprouts in it. Ugh.

I had to call up TruGreen today and give them a piece of my mind. To save money I did an advance pay for aeration and seeding of the fescue in the back yard. Three times they've called to say they were coming a certain day and three times no one has showed up. The clerk was very surprised when I noted it. Their records say the aeration took place on October 28. I was here all day October 28; the gate was locked, so they would have had to knock on the door or ring the doorbell to gain access. If for some reason I was in the bathroom and didn't respond, I would have expected them to leave a note at the door. So I don't know whose lawn was aerated and seeded, but it wasn't ours.

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