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» Friday, September 18, 2009
Not a Cute Little Headache
For some reason or other, I didn't sleep well last night; kept waking up. After James left for work, I finally did fall into a sound sleep, unfortunately accompanied by a bad dream about Schuyler escaping outside. So when I got up I wasn't feeling any too swuft.

Our lawn service was supposed to be coming this morning, but he called just before I got up, saying he'd prefer to wait until the grass was drier. I couldn't blame him. It has been raining for days, stopping and starting and starting again. Drove home in an absolute gullywasher on Wednesday, the car creating backwashes like a speedboat every time I hit a puddle.

Today it was just damp, cloudy and occasionally misty when I set out for WalMart. I was completely out of chicken broth and needed yogurt, and was planning to pick up a couple of boxes of oatmeal since, due to the rain, I hadn't stopped at Publix when they had them on twofer. Well, phooey—they were out of both broth and oatmeal.

By the time I got out of WallyWorld I was starting a sinus headache and was tempted to go home, but I wanted to finish the shopping. The headache eased a bit before I got to BJs (BreatheRights, pepper, and other needed things), but started to build again when I hit the other WalMart at Powder Springs and the East-West Connector. Unfortunately they carry no sugar-free oatmeal at all, but they did have the broth.

One last stop: Kroger. Bought gasoline and went inside for my bread for lunch and found some really nice Granny Smith apples. They'll have to hold us until the apple festival in Ellijay and we can get some really nice Grannies. Also got milk, but the price has finally risen after months to over $1.99. Well, 'twas nice while it lasted.

By the time I got home, the sinus headache had reached epic proportions. I hoped it was just that I needed to eat lunch, or take my glasses off, but doing both didn't help a bit. I had already put the perishables away, so I took three ibuprofin, turned off the television and the light, and lay down on the couch to hope that it would go away quickly, since it now felt like someone was running a drill between my eyes.

My head had just hit the pillow when a lawn mower bellowed to life outside and Willow started to bark. Arrrrgh!

Thankfully the drugs kicked in and the headache went away by the time I had to go outside and pay Paolo, but boy, that was nasty. Then I put the fall things on the porch and mounted the metal leaves on the side of the brickwork.

Three cool things did happen: first gasoline was $2.079 at Kroger, when it is about $2.249 everywhere else, even at BJs! The October Country Living was out at BJs.

And I found seasons one and two of The Muppet Show at BJs for only $16.99 each—previously they have been $35-$40 a season! Watched the first three after I recovered from el headache...still a fun show. Had the "Muppet Morsels" feature going, in which popups told you interesting behind-the-scenes stuff about the characters and guest stars.

(Oh, we watched Leno again last night—this one should have been on Monday! Good monologue, Eric Clapton as a guest in the musical number, fairly humorous short skits and stand up comic, and Halle Berry as a guest. Also saw the premiere of Community. Not sure if I like it. Comedies seem so shallow and brief these days. There were so many commercials and so little show it came across as a series of interconnected skits rather than an episode with a storyline.)

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