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» Wednesday, July 01, 2009
"Sloggin' Along, Singin' a Song..."
Ergh. While I'm nowhere near as sick as I was Sunday or Monday, I am definitely not doing as well today as yesterday, although yesterday was probably just sheer willpower on my part, knowing I had to get that one order and the modification out and wanting to get the other nine orders out as well. I didn't even take lunch yesterday because I didn't have energy enough to go down the 44 steps and then come back up them again. Today, despite sleeping an hour more and going to bed earlier, I feel like the Sandman ran me down. It's a continual struggle to keep my eyes open. I've tried salty stuff, having a bit of a go on the exercise bike, doing the laundry, concentrating on proofreading a statement of work...the eyelids still feel like warm butter is being rubbed into them and they are sooooo heavy...

Ooookay...I've finished the order for the collection of ticks and am going on to the order for the lab incubator..."one foot in front of the other..."