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» Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Mucinex
I woke up hour after hour, trying to breathe, or having to get another Kleenex. About six I started coughing. I didn't want to wake James, so I went into the spare room and fell asleep on the futon. I remember Willow coming in to touch my hand and James saying something to her. Next thing I knew it was 11:35.

I noticed last night that my glands were swollen on the right side. They still hurt. Took more aspirin and had breakfast. Remembered the last time this happened: Kaiser's prescription was Mucinex and Robitussin for any cough, so I found the Mucinex. Still good, so I took some with the approved amount of milk and sat down to watch Disney's Treasure Island, which I recorded a couple of weekends ago.

I've never been a pirate fan. Not sure why people like smelly, often drunken men who rob people. I know there's a romantic factor to them, the "freedom of the seas" and all that, but it holds no romance for me. We had to read Treasure Island in seventh grade and I was frankly bored by the book. Not to mention that even at twelve I wanted to smack Squire Trelawney for being such a nitwit. Disney's version at least "cuts to the chase" and just does the exciting highlights. And of course Robert Newton is Long John Silver, down to his scurvy hide. Arrrr! It is definitely worth watching, unlike the 1934 version with Jackie Cooper. Cooper played Jim Hawkins as if he were about six, with this wide-eyed precocity that was terribly cloying. Ugh!

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