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» Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Screwed--In a Good Way
I woke up this morning with my nose still throbbing. Who thought a stupid zit could hurt this much? Of course it's a huge thing, almost as bad as the awful ones I had back in the early 1980s, where the doctor finally had to give me a roll-on sulfa drug to use on them because they were so huge and painful. This one has felt like someone was shoving a needle through my nasal cavity for the past two days.

Finally I gave up and very carefully dipped a small finger into alcohol and dabbed it on the damn thing and waited until it dried, then irrigated my sinuses again. I think that has done the trick; it has dried up a bit and doesn't feel like someone is trying to pierce my cartilage anymore, although it still hurts when I wrinkle my nose. Stupid thing.

The low-grade fever I had this afternoon seems to have dissipated as well. About time. Three days of feeling like my brain was stuffed with cotton was quite enough. We'll see what happens tonight.

When I finished up work for the day, there were surprises in the mail. One was one of my two books from Amazon Vine, Escape Under the Forever Sky, the adventures of a kidnapped teenager in Africa. It's a pretty neat adventure, even though the girl's hardheadedness caused the danger in the first place.

The other was a screw.

You see, last fall I bought a stool at Linens'n'Things. It was to use as extra seating for parties, but ended up also holding my woodland Santa and tree at Christmas. When Linens was going out of business, James and I found another stool of the same type with the clearance items for only $10 (original price $35). It was labeled that it was missing assembly instructions. Since a monkey could have put the thing together, we bought it and brought it home.

A few weeks ago I tipped it out of its box to assemble and realized the other reason it was on the clearance pile: it was missing a screw. And not just one of the small screws that held the crossbars on the legs, but one of the longer screws that fastened the seat to the legs.

So I looked for the manufacturer's name and found them online and sent them a note and had a short correspondence with someone in their customer service department. Two weeks later, voìla! we have replacement screw and now we have stool. Cool.

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