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» Saturday, April 18, 2009
Report from Unicoi--Long Night's Journey Into Day
I am so disgusted. We were up chatting until 1:30, then went to our room (which is only a few steps from the common area, so that was easy). My neck was feeling rather stiff and it got worse, believe it or not, in the shower, because the flow is so restricted that it's hard to rinse off.

By the time I got into bed, my neck was aching and stiff. I couldn't get comfortable and was, astonishingly, cold. I finally got warm and fell asleep, only to wake up an hour or maybe two later with terrible stomach cramps. I was in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, getting colder and colder. When I finally got back to bed I could not get warm. I kept still so I wouldn't wake up James, but it turned out he was awake because he was cold. So we got up to put more things on (me) or get the other blanket (him).

I actually didn't really fall asleep until James just got up as it started to get light out and I pulled his blankets on top of me.

Still have vague stomach aches this morning even after Pepto Bismol. James went to the buffet, but I stayed behind and just had some peanut butter on bread and James brought me a skim milk for the buffet.