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» Thursday, April 30, 2009
Hogging the News
Are people just getting more stupid? I remember the first swine flu alert. It was a bit of a debacle as a lot of people had reactions to the preventative shot, and some of them died. I was one of the people who had reactions, although mine was atypical: fevers were the norm; my temperature took a nosedive to 96°F and I wrapped myself in a blanket and shivered even in bed.

But I don't remember anyone back then thinking that "swine flu" was caused by eating pork! Is it just because these dopey rumors spread more quickly on the web and, of course, everything on the Internet is true, right? Gah.

Seriously, this flu is no joke, but staying alert and simple precautions will help a lot. Here they are on television again: cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze; wash your hands; don't touch your face after touching things in public. Avoid people who are sneezing/coughing. And if you're sick, for God's sake, don't go to work!

Not to mention that if you went to Mexico for spring break, you might want to be checked out by your doctor. It's definite now that the vector was in Mexico.