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» Monday, April 20, 2009
Going Green and Other Monday Morning Tales
When we left last Friday the leaves were still unfurling in the trees in our backyard. It made a nice haze of green back there, but the slightly decrepit brown trailer in view at the trailer park behind us was still pretty much in view.

What a difference three days has made! It's not yet the deep green and thick cover of high summer, but those leaves certainly had a growth spurt. The trailer is beginning to disappear behind the veil.

I caught a disconsolate brown-headed nuthatch pecking at the suet this morning and immediately scooped some seed in the feeder. I was going to fill it Friday morning, squirrel or no squirrel, and just forgot. I need not worry about the birds, as there are insects galore now for them to feed on, and fresh seeds everywhere.

I decided to work at home today because my system was apparently still suffering ill effects from the weekend. Now that I have eaten my usual meal items (oatmeal, yogurt, some Chex for a little salt fix), things "down below" seem to have calmed down. It's possible everything was a combination of unfamiliar food, different water, and sun, the latter which always affects me badly. We spent some two hours wandering about downtown Helen on Friday in full sun.

I checked out what Schuyler was watching just a few minutes ago and to my surprise saw Ralph Waite appearing as a priest on Days of Our Lives. According to the IMDb, this is a regular role. Kind of a smile, as Waite is actually a man of the cloth; he was at one time a Congregational minister.

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