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» Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Time of New Tech
Along with working all day I finished, rather late, one of my annual tasks, updating all the copyright dates on my web pages. I've been doing a multiple search and replace on them over the years and it has mucked up some of the dates badly. So I was pulling some of them up one at the time to check out the dates. I realized I hadn't updated any of my holiday countdowns, hadn't been changed last year, either.

I am enjoying one new tech update. When I joined the Yahoo group "Christmas to the Max" almost three years ago, I decided to read the messages online only because of the great deal of mail generated by the group (100-200 messages a day are not uncommon). Since I download e-mail every morning before work, and since the group messages often contain multiple photos of some craft project or decorating scheme, I didn't want to have to wait on it when I should be going out the door. Also, I would have had to use one of our scarce Earthlink e-mails to respond to any posts downloaded, even though I have dozens of e-mail addresses available on my domain, since I was having that e-mail authentication problem.

Unfortunately you can't see most of the photos when you read on the web, so I've missed some cool things. So now that I had the authentication thing beat, I set up the Outlook Express that was automatically loaded on my laptop with a new domain e-mail that I created expressly for the Christmas group, and now can read and reply all the messages and see all the photos in e-mail. Cool.

Also got two loads of clothes washed and took a short walk at lunchtime (note: slippers, even those with thick soles, are not conducive to walking).