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» Saturday, January 24, 2009
I want to say a big "thank you" to Mel Boros for solving a longstanding computer problem I've had.

Briefly, I use Eudora for downloading both my Earthlink e-mail and the e-mail generated by our domain, which is hosted by Up until a couple of years ago, I also answered both my Earthlink e-mail and domain e-mail via Eudora, using Earthlink's SMTP protocol.

A couple of years back Earthlink, to further guard against spam, started using an authentication procedure with their SMTP upload protocol. We were using Eudora 4 and had to buy (since I didn't want any dingbat ads) Eudora 7 so I would be able to use SMTP with authentication. But– while I could still download my domain e-mail along with my Earthlink e-mail with this protocol in place, I could no longer upload my domain e-mail through the Earthlink SMTP any longer.

I searched around's help pages trying to solve this dilemma, but never could find the answer. So to answer any of my domain e-mails, I had to log onto web mail, copy the person's e-mail address, subject line, and occasionally portions of their e-mail, and answer them there. My domain e-mail fell behind a lot because this was such a PITA.

I don't know how we actually started talking about it, but during our Twelfth Night party, I mentioned this problem to Mel. We chatted about it for a while, then I went on to talk to someone else. Mel, however, was already sitting in my computer chair and he started using the search feature. A few minutes later he called me over and said he thought he'd found a page on that might help, and a minute later he found another one. So I bookmarked both of them to read later.

Well, I got a chance only today to check out the pages and there was the answer to my problem. Apparently this SMTP authentication protocol blocks port 25, but you could use port 587 instead, and plug in 1and1's SMTP address in the SMTP blank. There in the "personality" screen of all my different e-mail addresses was an option to use port 587! So I revised all my domain personalities, and now I can send domain mail again.

Thanks, Mel!!!!!