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» Saturday, February 28, 2009
Curses...Coughing Again
Out of nowhere, I woke up sometime after 2 a.m. coughing. Coughing loud enough to wake James and have him say "that doesn't sound good." Coughing long enough to take me past 3 a.m. with no relief, even thought I got up and had some water. My nose was running and my eyes were itching, so I surmised it was nothing more than my allergy reacting to all those damn trees that are blooming: it started with the flowering plum (or cherry, whatever the purply ones are) and the forsythia, and now the jonquils are up and I noticed just this morning that the Bradford pear trees are showing blooms as well, and the pink flowering cherries. Gah.

Anyway, up at nine feeling as if I were a cartoon character that got hit by a steamroller. We went to Hair Day today and I was pretty much half-awake through the whole experience. Phyllis and Oreta were talking about teaching, as always, and I'm so glad I don't have to go to school today!

We had a treat at one point: we looked out the window into the little stand of trees behind the Butlers' house and there was a big, beautiful pileated woodpecker pecking about looking for food. He's a large fellow (described as "nearly as large as a crow," the largest of the woodpeckers). On the way there we had also seen a wild turkey wandering around the front lawn of a little Baptist church on Macland Road.

After haircuts and chat and lunch, we had to leave so that James could get to his IPMS meeting. I came home, put my bag down, stretched out on the couch, and fell asleep for three hours. It was a reflection on how bad I felt that when I woke up I didn't feel any better, except that the headache that I'd had since ten a.m. was finally gone, despite the fact that I'd taken three ibuprofin about eleven. The Tylenol was what finally helped.

James got in and we went to do the shopping, as they are suddenly, incredibly were predicting snow for tomorrow, perhaps one to three inches. In-credible. It's going to have to happen quickly, since at this point it's still 52°F! We went to Costco for milk and some other coupon things (sponges, Clorox 2, etc.) that were running out tomorrow, made a quick stop at Michaels, then went to Kroger. Unfortunately got there after the pharmacy closed, so James will have to go back tomorrow to pick the prescriptions up.

I wonder if it really will snow! In prep I have filled up the bird feeder. Would be nice to have some snow...hope I feel better to enjoy it. Damn, my throat hurts. Had soup for supper and it didn't help much at all. During supper we watched the most recent Doctor Strange movie, the animated one. Interesting; went back to the origin story...was the sister made up for the movie, though? I don't remember a sister in the "original" origin story.

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