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» Friday, January 30, 2009
Warm Down to My Toes
I was freezing all day. Not sure why, but it sure was a PITA. By the time James was scheduled to come home, I had retreated into the spare room, having dosed myself with ibuprofin.

We just went to Oriental Cafè again for supper. They seemed to be shorthanded on staff tonight. I had a large bowl of wonton soup and finally warmed up; before eating, even in the restaurant I was huddled in my coat with my scarf still wound around my neck.

On the way home we stopped at Borders. I had their 25 percent off coupon so I could grab up Caro Peacock's new A Dangerous Affair. They had all their bargain books as twofers, so I got The Genuine Article, a series of essays on early America, and A Stargazing Year. I also found a game called Doodle Dice at half price, so it was only $5.

Arrived home just as Monk was halfway through, so restarted it. My...gosh, this was actually good, although the business with Bob Costas and the psychotic cat was a bit...bizarre. Randy wasn't stupid, only rather hapless, and we had some nice Stottlemeyer/Monk scenes, including one where Stottlemeyer reminded Monk that he used to have fun.

And now back to What's My Line?

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