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» Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Cloudy Days and Ways
Lordy, what a day. Sunday the high was 48°F, today it got up to 65 and was humid and sticky, the sky overcast and low all day except for a few moments midmorning when the sun broke through. My coughing slowly faded during the morning—unfortunately it was replaced by painful bathroom visits by the time lunch came. Gah. This coupled with the glacial movement of my computer today—it took me an hour this morning to get the damn thing to work properly—meant I only got one order finished instead of the three I anticipated. At least I got them started. Phooey.

Thankfully the rain held off until after rush hour. I was able to come home and decorate the miniatures ornaments tree in the foyer. Made some rice for supper just before James got in. Tiresomely, the stupid Trojan is still on my laptop (there is no truth to the rumor that Firefox 3 isn't affected by Virtumonde), although I have some advice to treat it. (Thanks, Jerry!) It doesn't bother me much when I'm surfing; I can just close whatever pops up. But it has disabled Windows Updates and also AVG making its scheduled scan every night at ten.

Last week a co-worker gave me a lemon. Tonight James used it to make a sauce for turkey thighs. He wanted to add some honey, but it was crystallized, so he put it in the microwave to soften. He set the time for too long.

Oh, god...the honey burned. I mean burned black. It even bubbled up and charred. There was acrid smoke everywhere. Good thing it was warm out. We threw open all the windows and vented with two fans and it still took the smoke about an hour to clear. There's still a nasty smell near the bedrooms where we didn't have the windows open. I have a coffee-scent candle there now. (James ended up using some other honey and supper was quite good!)

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