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» Friday, November 14, 2008
What's a Joint Like This...
My own fault, too...I was warm and left the fan in the window Tuesday night. My neck was killing me for two days, made worse by sitting in front of the computer working. I took ibuprofin and Tylenol alternately and slogged through. I remember my mom going through this when the weather changed. Well, I wished it would change already. My sinuses hurt, my teeth hurt, the back of my neck hurt, my nose hurt....sheesh!

Not to mention the Sirius/XM merged schedule finally went through...nobody on either either side was really happy. Of my preset channels, I lost Fine Tuning, which was a dog's breakfast of a channel, but occasionally they played Celtic music and Take Five, one of the two women's channels, which was funny (I listened to it Hallowe'en day), to be replaced by the brainless clothes/shoes-obsessed denizens of "the Cosmo channel"; "Sonic Theater," the book channel is now called "Book Radio" (zzzzz) and is only on the air weekdays; Cinemagic is off the air until New Year's Day (for whatever reason they won't tell us); the Weather Channel station is gone. "Escape," thank God, survived, as did the 1940s channel, and "Holly" is back, although every time they say "Sirius XM" in the interstices between the songs it brings a cold icicle to my heart.

Yesterday the pain abated enough for me to do a bit of shopping. I had a couple of coupons at JoAnn, one of which netted me the new British "Cross Stitcher" which came with a little cards/fixings package almost worth the price of the magazine (and I got it at half price), and also various half price Christmas things. Also stopped in at Linens'n'Things; if they'd had this many customers earlier in the year they wouldn't be going out of business. Some of the bedding was 40 percent off, so there were people leaving with great carts of things.

I came home by the Walmart at Powder Springs Road, which didn't have half the things I wanted, so will need to go once again to the older one with the long lines. ::grouse:: I stopped briefly at BJs, which is where I found Dr. Syn. They only had one left, and when I got home, while I was watching it, I was surfing the Ultimate Disney message boards glad I had grabbed one. They only made 39,500 of the set and apparently online they are going like the proverbial hotcakes—several of the sites are already out of them.

I had "Holly" on all through the ride, which I enjoyed except for the singularly depressing experience of heading home on a damp rainy day listening to Faith Hill sing "Where Are You, Christmas?"...

I can't add much more to my emotional earlier post about Dr. Syn than to reiterate that it is indeed beautiful...nicely restored and in widescreen. I also watched the paltry extras on the first disc, which were Walt Disney's widescreen intros (why they didn't just stick them in the shows, I'll never know) and the sixteen minute featurette about the history of the Syn character and the Disney movie. Patrick McGoohan appeared only sparsely and I was very shocked when I saw him: oh, I didn't expect him to still look young, and he didn't look bad, like Don Adams did when he reached eighty, but goodness, I wouldn't have recognized him. Sean Connery still looked like himself as he got older, as did Charleton Heston, but McGoohan looked so different, with big black-rimmed glasses and a goatee, like Lester del Rey, the science fiction writer.

I kept tearing up during the old Wonderful World of Color titles, though...powerful memories there! Sunday nights after Lassie, sitting in front of the TV—not sure if we still had the big old console GE back then (looked a bit like this, with the rounded screen, the knob area, and the fabric padded speaker, but ours wasn't quite so shiny in the knob area—I just remember the knobs being brown Bakelite) or that nasty Magnavox portable we had afterwards. I was a couple of months past eight years old the first time this was broadcast, and the first episode aired on my mom's birthday.

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