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» Thursday, October 16, 2008
Yo Ho Ho and a ::snurgle::
As you might have gathered from yesterday's post, I'm finally feeling a bit better, although yesterday morning I wouldn't have thought so. About lunchtime it was as if a strong breeze came through and swept most of the gunk from my head. Nose is still snuffly and there's still an edge of sore throat, but the muck seems to have vamoosed.

Since we both spent some days being sick I decided last night was a good time to change the bed and get all the nasties out. Mattress and pillows were sprayed with Lysol to boot. Take that, you germs!

I'm now on the detail part of the ceppo project mentioned yesterday. And work is pretty steady. I had to do a modification this morning so we could pay someone (the DUNS number on the invoice didn't match the one on the purchase order) and I'm trying to straighten out an e-mail problem: some of my vendors cannot seem to e-mail us. I suspect it's a spam block gone wrong, as for the past month I have been getting multiple spams from a certain company I've never dealt with and now they have disappeared. I think the filter has possibly killed the legit messages, too, although other promotional e-mails seem to be getting through just fine. Heaven save me from more stupid commercials.

Speaking of spam, I noticed we have received very few election flyers this year. That's fine with me. In the 2004 election, there was some city councilwoman who was sending a flyer every three or four days from August through November! I didn't care if she was a god come over the mountain to save us; I refuse to vote for any idiot who killed so many trees to get elected. I want to go vote tomorrow and I'm having a cow because James voted on Tuesday and it took him two hours to get through the line. I don't mind being in line that long to vote, but I don't know if I could go that long without a bathroom visit!

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