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» Saturday, October 11, 2008
Sickness on Saturday
My throat was on fire when I woke up this morning. Heck, my whole mouth. Ugh. Swigged some ibuprofin and had some hot oatmeal and mandarin oranges.

It was so cute; I had already started eating the oranges and Schuyler noticed. She jumped up on the bars of the cage and was craning her little neck at the cup. But I couldn't give her an orange out of the cup; she might catch whatever germs I have. So I washed my hands, opened a new cup, extracted half an orange wedge and put the rest in the fridge, and placed the wedge in her millet clip. She immediately came down to have a nibble.

Anyway, I went to the semi-annual Cobb County Library Sale. It was pretty slim pickings. I usually find a Bennett Cerf book in the humor section and they didn't even have that. I did get a small book of Christmas stories, three old Christmas Ideals (I don't usually like the old ones due to the creaky graphics, but they did have some nice essays and they were only a quarter each), and Michael Korda's Country Matters, about his city family moving to the country.

I came home and decided I was feeling well enough to go to Hobby Lobby, so I did. I found some small fall magnets for a dollar each, another small pumpkin for the front porch, and a scrapbooking magazine with fall and Christmas ideas. I also popped over to Border's and bought the first Robin Paige mystery and also the first Renaissance Faire mystery.

Stopped at Home Depot on the way home just to see their Christmas things, and also stopped at Fred's discount store. I bought a cheap sampler of Night Court episodes, the last of the Hallowe'en candy, and a bag of bird seed. Minding what had happened the last time I bought birdseed at Fred's, I had the cashier bag the latter and brought it directly through the house without touching anything. :-) It went directly into the birdseed tin and I tossed both bags into the yard to be collected later, so if there are any little crawlies in the bag this time they are outside. So there.

I sat down intending to watch all of Night Court, but after two episodes I was so sleepy I just abandoned it and stretched out on the sofa for two blessed hours. By then James was home from his Saturday work and we went to Fresh 2 Order for supper, had BOGO ice cream for dessert at Baskin Robbins, stopped at Michael's, and then went to the mall to check out the new Hallmark ornaments since I hadn't made it to the Hallmark store today. I love the jukebox!

I've just finished some milk to soothe my throat and James has made some gingerbread; the spicy ginger should feel good on my throat, and we are watching What's My Line?

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