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» Monday, October 06, 2008
Not mine. James had gone in for training yesterday despite a sore throat and feeling feverish, and did not improve last night despite applications of soup and ibuprofin. I was teleworking today because Thursday is our annual work picnic (it looked like almost all the office was teleworking, actually) so I had him dozing in the background while I corresponded about continuing an order.

Unfortunately it got warm enough today that by afternoon I just gave in and put the air conditioner back on. It was so warm last night that neither of us slept well, which probably didn't help James' cold.

It's supposed to rain on Wednesday and perhaps be showery on Thursday. I'd love it if it were cloudy for the picnic. The best picnic we ever had was a few years back; it was cloudy and in the mid fifties. Very pleasant for being outside for hours and I took a nice walk using the hiking path around the perimeter of the picnic area. We're at a new park this year, too (actually, it was a new park last year, but I had an appointment and didn't get to go). Hope it's shady!

Anyway, we had a simple supper tonight, watched an episode of The Last Detective, this morning's What's My Line? (very funny segment with Bennett Cerf and John Daly sniping at each other and a wonderful bit with guest panelist David Niven and a Scottish contestant), and a new Animal Cops Philadelphia.

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