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» Monday, October 13, 2008
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
I had an absolutely miserable night. This is the strangest cold/infection/whatever: my nose is stuffy, but I am not sneezing constantly—although I do sneeze periodically—and don't need Kleenex. I have a bit of pressure on my right ear and my right sinus hurts. The real screaming sore throat pain is gone, but my throat is still sore. The big problem now is when I do any type of exercise; I feel like I can't breathe well. Not that I can't breathe; I just feel like I can't, especially through my nose. I have no chest pressure and no cough, but I feel like I have a cough. My glands aren't swollen—but I seem to be developing a fever.

I did get to sleep late, and after a mostly sleepless night (in which I woke up James, which I hated to do) it was quite welcome. When I woke up I didn't feel perfect, but felt well enough to get my 50 percent off coupon and go to Michael's. I was only there a few minutes, then went to Border's to pick up a neat-looking book I had seen there on Saturday. This is called Christmas Curiosities and is about the beliefs and images connected with Christmas over one hundred years ago, such as Santa Claus' companion Krampus, who stuffed naughty children into a sack and took them away, or Santa himself delivering switches to those who were bad, or what we would think of as very non-Christmas-like images associated with Victorian holidays, such as naked nymphs, children in bathing costumes, and dead birds! (I've read about the dead birds, but I'd never seen any of the actual images!)

While I was there I also found a stocking stuffer for James and a book of trivia about Christmas carols and songs.

I was only out about 90 minutes, but felt wiped out when I got home. I ate half of the potstickers I didn't eat on Friday evening along with a little piece of gingerbread and some milk for my lunch, and finished two tiny craft projects. Then I started off dubbing off episodes of What's My Line? again (I'd fallen off in the past few weeks), and finished two books I had started. I would have thought all this enforced leisure and alternating Tylenol and ibuprofin would have made me feel better, but I have felt progressively worse all afternoon, and now it seems my temperature is going up. And here I've been thinking it was my allergy!

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