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» Sunday, October 12, 2008
For Worse or For Better
My throat has improved slightly, but now my nose is stuffy and I'm feeling like it's hard to breathe. I'm desperately trying to avoid the dreaded cough!

Due to the nose problem, I slept very, very badly, so we were up in time to have breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes. They must cook their oatmeal in a metal pot because it has a very heavy metal aftertaste; I couldn't finish it. Ugh. Afterwards we went to JoAnn, where I bought some thread to match some shirts I need to mend, a nice autumn-leaf fleece throw for the ugly old loveseat sofa-bed in my craft room, a discount standing scarecrow for the front porch, the October Southern Living and the annual Better Homes and Gardens Cross-Stitch Christmas ornament issue. I had forgotten that these also contain the designers' family memories and simple recipes. We also made a short stop at Hallmark.

We had to stop at Kroger on the way home, and then BJs, and finally the QT on Austell Road where gas was $3.08/gallon! Finally home to relax and nurse my throat and nose, although I did work on some minor craft projects and tidied the kitchen. Another nice salad for supper, accompanying What's My Line and two episodes of James' anniversary gift (yeah, it's early). He found a complete set of the television series 12 O'Clock High online. I remember my mom and dad watching this show back in the early 1960s. One of the episodes we watched had one of my favorite character actors, Lou Antonio, as a guest star. Antonio is now mainly known as a director, but he was always one of my favorite supporting actors. Loved him in The Snoop Sisters!

I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight. I feel quite wretched.

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