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» Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Fifth Verse, Same as the Others
Stupid cold. Won't bore you with the details.

Super episode of House tonight. Very telling when House is stating all the negative things about his father, he is describing himself as well! Not to mention House and Wilson's very Thelma and Louise-ish road trip.

Also have finally gotten to see the whole of When Weather Changed History's episode about the Chicago fire. I'd recorded the initial broadcast and thought the DVR had screwed up when it only turned out to be a half hour. So I found the next broadcast and DVR'd that, only to find a half hour broadcast again...we watched it and it was the second half-hour of the story. So either it was done in two parts for some weird reason, or the original broadcast was screwed up. Anyway, the complete version was on tonight.

(This is a great series, but the constant commercial breaks give me hives. Especially the ambulance-chasing-lawyer variety.)

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