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» Sunday, September 28, 2008
Urgh. Woke up this morning after a having a very strange dream: I had returned to Rhode Island to visit my friend Sherrye. Upon arriving I'd discovered I'd forgotten my medication and my camera. But no one was there to meet me because I had not told Sherrye I was coming. Finally I found her and said something very strange to her: "I don't even have my Dad's phone number." My Dad has been dead for 23 years!

When I did get up I felt like I had the flu. Had a stomachache and my eyes hurt as if I'd stayed up all night instead of having seven hours' sleep and I was hungry but I had an upset stomach at the same time. I thought if I ate it would help. We had breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes, but all I could manage were a bowl of Grape-Nuts and two mouthfuls of a waffle. I'd gotten some oatmeal but it tasted metallic. I finally gave up.

James wanted to look for a book at the Kennesaw Borders because the Austell store did not have a copy. On the way there we stopped at Costco. They had gas at $3.979, but it was a moderate line, and because the Costco folks were directing traffic and it's debit card payment only (no one has to run to the office to pay with cash), it only took about fifteen minutes at the most.

After we finished there we went into Costco for milk and for me to replace my card that I left behind in the Cumberland store a few weeks ago. I was fighting to be able to walk around a little; I wanted to get some exercise today. But I feel like I've gotten about two hours' sleep.

We were in Borders only a few minutes. James got his book, but there's nothing out right now that I want, so we went home via Barrett Parkway. None of the gas stations there have gasoline, although we did get a paper at an otherwise deserted RaceTrac.

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