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» Saturday, September 13, 2008
Coughing Up a Storm
I suppose that's what I got for congratulating myself for not getting sick during DragonCon as always. Instead I've been sick since Wednesday. At least I got through work on Wednesday, which was CDC's self-declared end of fiscal year except for emergency projects. It started as just feeling "off," a little queasy and sleepy. A nap at lunch seemed to solve the problem, but it then veered into a sore throat that even cold water wouldn't soothe. By Thursday morning I was coughing hard enough to have trouble breathing and Friday was no better. I slept most of the time. It was like two days with a severe allergy attack.

Apparently I tossed enough sleep and doses of cough syrup and ibuprofin at it, since the sore throat and the cough have finally abated. I only coughed minimally this morning and less this afternoon and was able to go to JoAnn for a couple of things. We got a pair of lovely metal Debbie Mumm autumn leaf trays that will be nice for game nights or parties. Bought the newest Beatrix Potter mystery in paperback at Borders. Dropped James' shirts off at the cleaner and visited the hobby shop. That was about enough for today.

We did have lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. We've wanted to try it at lunch time. Alas, their lunch menu is only Monday through Friday and their prices are about like Red Lobster. So James had a shrimp sandwich and I had clam chowder and a salad, and we shared some crab dip that was quite delicious.

The cough's coming only intermittently now, so I hope I've dodged that bullet—most of these things that start with a sore throat and turn in into a cough usually turn into a not-so-jolly case of bronchitis. We spent the dinner hour watching a Doctor Who we had apparently missed on the Sci-Fi Channel, "Gridlock," and now we're back to What's My Line? and The Name's the Same. These programs are still so humorous and such fun to watch.

We've spent a lot of last night and some of this morning watching the Weather Channel reports on Hurricane Ike. James has family and friends in Texas, but not directly in the path of the full force of the storm, although they will get rain. The weather report from Chicago boggles the mind—they're not having hurricane weather, but have had over seven inches of rain!

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