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» Thursday, May 15, 2008
It Figures
I was going great guns yesterday morning. Got two orders advertised and had planned out a third, did a modification, answered e-mail and phone messages. About noon had to get dressed and go in for an All-Hands meeting. This was at one of the new buildings on the Chamblee campus and was quite pleasant. Several people I knew received awards or warrants or years of service plaques (gack! I'll be due for my 25 in 2010!).

I noticed the way they had the fluorescent lights in the meeting room: instead of bare bulbs glaring down, they had the fixtures set to point upward and reflect off the ceiling. This gave a nice diffused light—however, despite that, I still arrived home with a screaming migraine (my own fault; since I didn't have the brimmed eyeshade I usually wear in the office, I should have put on my sunglasses). Needless to say, I had to medicate and lie down in a dark, quiet room until the throbbing quit. It didn't exactly make for a productive afternoon.

So here I am this morning trying to make time and the connection is doing its infamous imitation of a sloth during high summer. I've had dial-up connections that were faster.

In the meantime another storm is stalking in from the west and is presently dampening Birmingham. My sinuses feel like a flamenco dancer is doing a routine on them. Sadly, at this point I am better off than James, who has a persistent cough which got worse working in all that leaf mold and pine straw on Sunday. We finally drove to CVS last night to confer with the pharmacist and get him some appropriate cough medicine and after his shower I slathered his chest with Vicks. I've asked him to drink hot tea today, which reminds me that I need to add peppermint tea to the grocery list...

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