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» Friday, January 04, 2008
Interesting Times
It was an interesting morning.

James had complained of a pain across his collar bone and near his left shoulder yesterday. This has happened before; he strained a muscle, but when he called Kaiser about it they were very careful and had me bring him into the office to check him out (they didn't want him driving). When he got up this morning, he was in more pain and actually complained about it as he was leaving for work. I was concerned and suggested he call the doctor; he was concerned enough to do so.

They said to go to the emergency room, so we spent the morning at Wellstar. Everyone was swell, and it turned out nothing was wrong. But boy, have they remodeled since I had to go there in July!

So I finished out my workday, but because he was home, we got to go to BJs immediately when I was done to pick up the rest of our party things for tomorrow night. When we'd arrived home and then eaten—we loaded WindowsXP on my computer. There was a minor bobble at first; a cable wasn't working and nothing would start, but that was soon overcome. So I'm typing on WindowsXP right now. I have my connection to work re-established, the printer loaded, mIRC loaded as well as Firefox and new versions of Java and Flash, and AVG free version. While James works on Sunday I can reload things like Eudora, WordPerfect, HTML Assistant Pro 2000, etc.

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