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» Tuesday, January 22, 2008
In the Cold, Cold, Cold of the Daytime...
Not that I'm complaining, mind you! :-)

The ice they were afraid of never materialized, although it was still cold (it never got over freezing on Sunday) so we were able to go out to Fry's. Our DSL connection had just crashed for the fourth time in three days and I wondered if it were the modem. The old one has a bad "habit" of the connection light staying green even when the modem is not connected. We bought a new one, but James never could get it to work. It turned out we didn't need to, because after being unplugged for 20 minutes, the old one decided to work again.

Although there is a modem already in my computer, we could never get it to work after we upgraded to Win2000. We had a disk that was clearly marked as a driver for the modem, but Windows could never find any drivers for it. So I did buy an adorable USB dial-up modem for emergencies. It looks like a large pencil eraser and set up and worked in less than ten minutes. Wow.

I spent most of the day sick to my stomach; we suspect it was the last of the old turkey soup we ate last night, as James had some problems as well. This carried over into Monday: I had not intended to go out, but wanted to get various housework chores done, read the paper and cut coupons, maybe do some cross-stitch and watch a couple movies. Instead I was miserably in the bathroom a lot of the day. I did get the vacuuming and sweeping done and watching the 1994 Little Women because I had just finished reading Geraldine Brooks' March.

There was still some snow left this morning in areas of high shade, especially under the trees and on lawns that faced east, but rain is forecast by today and soon it will all be gone.

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