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» Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Hm. It's Still Snowing...
...but rain is creeping up from the south.

Quick, before it's gone:

This was taken at 5 p.m., just as it was beginning to stick:

The snow begins

Snow flies around the porch:

Snow around the porch

Just as twilight fell, I went back out to take this:

Snow at twilight

Used the flash on this one; that's some flash! I took this from the mailbox:

House in a flash

Welcoming you home:

Lights of home

Here's snow flurrying 'round the deck:

Snow on the deck

Portrait in blue; the street at night:

The street at night



Later. I think it's raining, but from these pics, taken about 8:30, it still looks like snow in the flash. Maybe it's sleet.

Yard in the snow

Yard in the snow

Yard in the snow

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