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» Saturday, June 16, 2007
I'm feeling better today but last night was quite strange. We had dinner at Yardbird (chicken wings), then stopped at Publix. Went home, fooled around a bit on Webkinz, the settled down to watch a new Animal Precinct. About halfway through the program I began to feel very strange. I wasn't really nauseated, but I felt sick, I was burping and had pressure on my throat, and my heart rate was slightly elevated although not racing. I also developed the runs, but I'm not sure if it was a symptom or a result: when I get upset I usually get diarrhea.

The weirdest thing was that my mouth felt funny, like the time I had the drug reaction to the penicillin. I could speak and swallow, though. And I had the shakes, to the point where I could not type properly ro sit quietly, but they would come and then I would use the bathroom and then eventually they would calm down. I finally took two Pepto Bismol to cope with the diarrhea and the shakes went away, and I also took one of my Claritin. That seemed to relax the rest of it.

It was like I had an allergic reaction to something, but what? We've eaten at Yardbird before. It's nothing more that teriyaki sauce on chicken wings. It did happen after I took my atenolol, which upsets me a bit: I have to take it every night for my heart. Really worried it will happen again. Or maybe it was food poisoning, but, again, from what? James had the same wings, only in a different flavor. He did say he was belching more than usual. There were also those meatballs earlier in the day. Very strange.