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» Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Struggling Through
If anything my ear is worse; ear canal more swollen, pain touching around the ear, hurts when I chew or clench my teeth, pain on the eardrum now constant. The hot-washcloth provided brief relief only. I may actually get a fever out of this—I haven't had a fever since the hysterectomy. My temp is up to 99°F, which no one considers a fever; heck, the doctor doesn't pay attention to you anymore unless it's over 100. But since my usual temperature is 97°-something due to my allergies, 99 is actually pretty high for me.

Still, I'm sitting at my desk trying to work, since I have at least twenty orders here in various states of chaos.

God, this is annoying. I intended to get a jump on these two days ago.

When I say I'd like to experience new things, "ear infection" was not on the list. :-/