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» Saturday, March 03, 2007
"Yesterday Was Plain Awful..."
For some reason, Willow barked until 2 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning. We have no idea why, but James finally locked her in her crate in desperation, which we ordinarily don't like to do. She quit barking, but neither of us could settle, for my part because it was warm and a bit sticky. I finally retreated into the spare room where it was cooler, but I didn't get much sleep and finally went back to bed when the cold front came through about 3:30.

So we were both a little shellshocked when the alarm rang. James went off to work. I sat down at my desk to work but after an hour developed "the runs," nausea, and another headache—obviously yesterday's migraine was just a harbinger. I was supposed to go into work for a safety class, but instead took lots of Tylenol for one end and Pepto Bismol for the other, and lay down to sooth my ringing head. The headache was so bad it was a little scary. Three hours later I was able to go back to work; to make up for losing the time in the morning, I worked until seven p.m. I did get about three more orders done, including one that has been in limbo since October because I never received the info I needed for it.

James brought Boston Market chicken home and we stayed in instead of the usual trip to BJs or whatever.

Today was better although I was still sleepy. We went to "Hair Day" and had a great time as always., except I ate raw carrots and they came up on me all afternoon. (A lot of vegetables do this to me. It's annoying.) We went to the hobby shop and I walked down to the hardware store for some plastic tape and some "S" hooks. This is a real hardware store, where you can buy one and two of things. They always have this look when they see me coming ever since I bought this huge nail (we always refer to it as "the railroad spike") about eight or nine inches long and almost as big around as my little finger. I needed it for hanging up the hose to the vacuum cleaner.

Also went to Lowes for more birdseed (and a container; the one we bought not three months ago already has a crack in its lid and this morning the seed was damp) and wire shelving to put up in various places. James got such a deal! He wanted some wire shelving 20 inches wide and about nine feet long. Lowes had six feet and twelve feet, but nothing in between. Then he spied a shelf that was in between; he measured it and it was 8 1/2 feet long. Apparently someone had had the shelving cut and needed only the short end! So he asked how much it would be, figuring that since 1/4 of it was gone, they would say 1/4 off the full 12-foot price of $35.

The guy said "How about $10?" Sold! I also found a short length of shelf (about a foot long) that was also a cut off. I wanted a short shelf. They gave it to me for free; I just had to buy the supports for it.

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