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» Sunday, November 26, 2023
The Thanksgiving That Really Wasn't
We ended up not going to Thanksgiving dinner after all.

James began taking a new drug on Sunday (once a week) to help with his arthritis. Immediately he developed an odd line of rash-looking bumps in a straight line on his right hip. By Thursday he had a sore throat and stuffy nose so bad (the sore throat was so bad it didn't go away when he drank and he had some sores in his mouth) we were fearful of spreading something. Luckily we had bought "emergency turkey" at Publix last week, we had potatoes, and had carrots. So we stayed home and watched the Macy's parade and the National Dog Show. Only later in the day did he feel better, and we realized it wasn't really a cold coming on.

Friday he was better. We went to Town Center, where James bought me my Christmas gift (the Law & Order Monopoly game) at Hobbytown, and we went to Target to look for a new microwave. Well, we found a microwave/convection oven again! A nice woman helped me get it into the cart, and we bought it and left, only to discover someone had put a plain old microwave in the pile with the microwave/convection ovens. So we had to get them to help us bring it back in and do a return—and then go back and get another one (found another nice person, a guy this time, to help me get it into the cart)—all the time hungry and thirsty.

Stopped briefly at Barnes & Noble to see if they had any Black Friday specials—they didn't, which was annoying since they told me on Wednesday they wouldn't tell me about the Friday specials, and which I thought was damn rude—and then picked up supper at Cracker Barrel (chicken and dumplings, of course). Alas, this batch was really salty.

Happily, after missing "First Thanksgiving," there was still "Second Thanksgiving" to look forward to at Alice and Ken's house. Turkey and veg and fun and friendship. All good. Juanita gave us the turkey carcass, but we decided last year it was just too much work anymore making the soup and there was no room in the freezer for the containers. So instead we stripped the carcass and got another two meals for us. Juanita makes great turkeys, so this was a fine gift. Add gravy and it's all good.

Besides the side effects James seems to be having from the new meds, our Hot Shot broke. We use this to make tea, hot chocolate, and instant soup, and the loss is keen. We went to order a new one, and Sunbeam doesn't make them anymore. All we can find is coffee makers. So I brought my old one from downstairs to use that.

I can't imagine why they quit making useful things.

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