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» Saturday, May 21, 2022
Medical Millstones
Still sick at my end, but at least I'm finally sleeping through the night. I still have a terrible cough with lots of phlegm, but that only manifests in the daytime. I still feel wrung out and like I can't breathe well, even though my blood oxygen is a good steady 97 percent.

It's James that's in dutch again. We saw his new urologist (Dr. Starr retired last month) on Thursday. James was asked to empty his bladder completely, and then they took an ultrasound, which revealed he still had about 500 milliliters still inside. Dr. Jefferson thinks that James keeps getting the UTI because infected urine is remaining in the bladder, and that possibly his prostate is infected and swollen, blocking the urethra, too. So until he finishes up the month of ciproflaxin (and being in pain because he can't take any Plaquinel or tamulosin until he gets off it), he's also on a stupid foley catheter. This means he's going to have to go through a month of discomfort, plus we're going to have to screw with that stupid StatLoc (the sticky thing that keeps the catheter from dangling) business again. Heck, the StatLoc the nurse practitioner put on him after the catheter was inserted fell off by dinnertime! Good thing we have a bunch of extras; I just hope they last until June 16, when he has to go back and do the test again.

(We actually went through three StatLocs by Saturday night, so I had to start  using the old ones. Unfortunately the "old ones" are nearly four years old, and the little skin prep pads you use on the skin to make the StatLock stick better are all dried out. I ended up having to order more skin prep pads from Amazon...I hope they are good! They have decent reviews.)

You won't believe this, but all the Christmas gifts we'd received from friends were still sitting on a box and in bags on the hearth. Saturday I finally put them all away, except for the still wrapped gifts for Clay and Maggi. Goodness knows when we'll see them again since James' mother and sister are now both gone. We didn't used to mind the ride down to Warner Robins, now the eternal traffic jam in Henry County at the I-75/I-675 split make the drive a nightmare. It shouldn't take you nearly three hours to drive a 100-minute journey!

Watched the season finales of all the different Law & Order series on Thursday. Olivia Benson's cameo on the "mothership" seemed kind of useless; why wasn't she on Organized Crime instead to see Elliot Stabler get his medal? (Seriously, is the white computer-genius chick on Organized Crime supposed to be their version of Abby from NCIS?) Thursday was also the very last United States of Al, which left Vanessa broken up with Freddie and angry at Riley, and Riley and Al headed to Las Vegas with Al's creepy girlfriend Cindy in tow. Thanks, heaps, CBS, for cancelling that and keeping Ghosts, which I find unbelievably stupid.

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