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» Saturday, May 28, 2022
Give Me a Ring, and I'm Not Talking Jewelry
The news from Texas. Oh, God, the news from Texas. This gunman didn't even have a screed. And the police remained outside the school for an hour because they didn't have orders to go in, while a whole fourth grade classroom was under fire. Almost all the kids died. One played dead. Two teachers died. The gunman got in through an unlocked door. The lunatics are coming out of the woodwork.

"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..."

So emotionally it's been kind of a week. Feeling bad on Monday. Thursday the usual grocery crap, plus we had to go to Costco to get some medication for James. Finally got decent Skinny Pop; threw the buttered junk away. What a waste of six dollars.

In positive news, James finally had his appointment with the pain clinic. Although the problem for him is his hips, the doctor did some examination of him and says it's really his back; the pain just feels like it's in his hips. He'll have an MRI of his spine in June and then she believes some injections and maybe hydrotherapy will help the pain.

The big news here this week was that we got new phones. If you remember, I dropped mine and cracked the screen some months back. Leo LaPorte mentioned several times that most phone batteries only last two years, and we got the old phones July during the pandemic. So on Friday we had lunch at Chow King with Ken and Alice, then walked back to Best Buy and bought phones. We were looking at the new Moto G Stylus phones, but last year's model (from November 2021) was on sale for $200 each, so we got those instead. Spent all day Saturday setting up my phone. You can back them up all you want, but there are just things you have to reload (all my podcast programs!) and then have to go hunting up passwords that the phone didn't save, and reload ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds, etc. It's like juggling kittens with their claws out. I do like the stylus. I did get my old podcast app to work (since I was never satisfied last time with any of the newer ones) via the .apk file for the app I managed to extract. Sadly, my favorite "Jewels" type game, the Christmas one, no longer displays properly. I tried loading it manually, but no dice. A few of the other apps no longer on the Google Play market, like Blendoku and Note Everything, also did load for me, but I really don't need the latter now that I have Google Docs to put our emergency medical info on.

Ribs were BOGO at Publix for Memorial Day, and I was going to cook them on Monday, but James decided to do them himself on Saturday. This time cooked them in the lower oven for three hours, and they were utterly delectable. Had them with corn on the cob. I got St. Louis style ribs, and we both got full and had enough ribs left over to have them for Memorial Day, too, after all.

Just finished a fifth post-series Law & Order: Criminal Intent story. Been reading fanfic online and wondering if I should do something a for the next one, since ideas just keep popping up.

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