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» Thursday, January 13, 2022
Just Another Hospital Tale

We arrived home from the hospital yesterday and have spent the day trying to be normal.

Going home yesterday was a total surprise; we had been told at the earliest it would be Thursday but more probably Friday. But the doctor looked at his foot yesterday morning and said it was healing well enough that, if James rested, he could go home. And I won't even have to tend the wound: it won't be unwrapped again until he sees the podiatrist next week.

He did have to have a second surgery on Tuesday. When they amputated his toe, they left the wound open so that it could drain. On Tuesday they took him down and closed up the wound. He came upstairs slightly more groggy than he had the first time, and for some reason they intubated him this time, so he had a sore throat which we plied with endless hot teas until I left for the evening.

Monday I also brought steak for a hot meal, but had to wait over an hour and a half to eat. At Northside Hospital they had a snack room where you could use the microwave and the refrigerator. At Piedmont and Wellstar they had microwaves you could use near the cafeteria. Here they have a "snack room," but only staff can access it, so I had to wait for a nurse to be available to microwave my meal. I feel this is terribly demeaning for the nurse! She's a professional, not my servant to warm up my food. But the cafeteria at St. Joseph's is only open breakfast and lunch and when they are closed, if there are any microwaves they are locked up in the cafeteria. I guess they expect you to not stay long, go out to eat, or get UberEats to bring  you something. Sorry, can't afford that. Also, the cafeteria food is awful. They put pepper in the meats, and their salad is packaged in plastic and dessicated. Ugh.

So on Tuesday I did something a lot better, I went to Hibachi Grill and got food by the pound: barbecue chicken and pepper steak, a few french fries, seafood salad, a big container of fresh (not dessicated) cucumbers and tomatoes, and two little desserts. I brought James half an orange worth of slices and some pineapple, and all this only cost me $2 more than the lousy chicken salad sandwich I had the first day. The salad I had with the salami sandwich I had made.

Did the same thing on Wednesday, but didn't need to, because they sent us home by suppertime. Good thing I did, though, because by the time we got home (after having to stop at Kaiser Cumberland for prescriptions) I had a killer headache that only went away after I slept last night.

Surprisingly James has not had a problem with his foot; it doesn't even hurt.

Today we have just laid low and relaxed. WEtv had four episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on today, so we watched those.

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