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» Saturday, June 26, 2021
The Great Yogurt Hunt, The Great Towel Divestation, and a Great Lunch
Well, after three days not hearing from the wound clinic (we sent an e-mail last Friday, and then followup photographs of James' leg on Saturday), I called Thursday morning and got James an appointment. That was the good news. The bad news is that it's on one of his work days, and in the morning like his cardiologist appointment. Mornings is when they need him at work, so he'll have to explain once again to his supervisor. It also means we have to truck over to Glenlake, a 45-minute drive, two mornings in a row, during the end of rush hour. So much fun. But at least the wound clinic will see his leg, and he'll have his yearly cardiology checkup.
(On Friday, thankfully before we headed home, we got a message from Kaiser asking us to pick up a prescription. It was antibiotics prescribed by the wound clinic; evidentially, after seeing the photos we sent, they are scheduling a pre-emptive strike on any bacteria causing the extra fluid under the skin. That's made me feel a lot better. Also, Friday afternoon Jewel [visiting nurse] came and wrapped his leg in an unna boot. Something else reassuring.)
Tucker, on the other hand, did not like this week because he got a bath. He hates it so much, but he comes out fluffy and happy and wanting to play.
We also had a nice lunch at the Chow King buffet with Alice and Ken for the first time in over a year.
The annoying part of this week is that for some reason both Kroger and Publix had quit stocking my flavor of yogurt. At the moment we have to go to Walmart for it. I like going to Walmart the way I like having a heat rash. The one on the East-West Connector I went to on Tuesday had none in stock, but we stopped by the store on Cobb Parkway and they had some. So I'm going to have to "Walmart-hop" until someone else sees fit to carry the flavor. So thrilling.
I've been gradually collecting old towels, which I had intended to take to the pound last year. They always need towels to wash the dogs that come in off the street. Since I couldn't take them last year, now we had even more towels piled up since I replaced the ones in our bathroom. Those are now finally at the pound. I was surprised to find out they are still accepting customers only by appointment.
We also went to MicroCenter and to Barnes & Noble for a little fun. Almost bought a book, but I had some waiting (Hal Borland and Faith Baldwin) when I got home. It can wait.

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