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» Saturday, February 27, 2021
Nothing Very Exciting (And We Like It That Way)
Spent the usual week doing the usual chores along with some extras. Did a financial "thing" to save up for future tax payments. Fixed a dresser drawer in the spare room so the rail was more firmly seated. Cleaned out the fall and winter magazines downstairs. And it was warm enough one day to air out the library.

We finally had a successful return trip to Sam's Club on Thursday, and brought home a free rotisserie chicken and two pounds of strawberries, which I hulled and cut up on Saturday. With some Reddi Whip they made two delightful desserts, no shortcake needed. Also took a long-overdue visit to Patak's Meat Market for more Italian sausage. I like theirs because the sausage flavoring is so mild it doesn't aggravate my acid reflux.

Alas, while the nurse took the calamine unna boot off James' leg on Tuesday, it went back on Friday—he had raw spots here and there on the leg. On the other hand we had lunch with both the Spiveys and the Boulers on Friday, so it still turned out to be a good day. The 6-ounce steak and green salad at O'Charley's hit the spot.

Saturday James had to prep his ground meat to use in his breakfasts, but we did get to have lunch at Tin Drum (I had an extra protein offer), and of course we had the yummy strawberries. Spent some of the afternoon watching old episodes of Decorating Cents on Discovery+. Those "hand-painted" kitchens and porches of the late 1990s look funny now, but some are much preferable to the cold plain things they have now. Some of these modern kitchens look like hospital rooms! I love the snug warm kitchens they show in the British magazines much more.

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