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» Sunday, May 31, 2009
Three at One Blow
Holy cats, what a day! I woke up with my left elbow aching. I hurt it packing contract files into boxes back when we moved from Buckhead to Koger in 1999. Sometimes it hurts like the dickens, and this morning was one of those days.

It was still aching when we went to Kroger for milk and whatever. Then at Kroger I started having bellyaches. So we went home and instead of going to see Star Trek I visited the bathroom instead. Gah.

Ironically, after I carried the shopping bags up the stairs, my elbow quit hurting.

About four o'clock I felt better and we went to BJs as we had run out of mushrooms and shredded cheese. It was hot but breezy, and would have been nice if it was cloudy!

We came home and noticed the 2009 Kitchen and Bath exhibition was showing on HGTV, so I backed up the DVR (handy gadget, even if sometimes it drives me nuts). This was filmed at the Georgia World Congress Center. Lots of cool stuff. Some ugly stuff. Some absolutely insanely-priced stuff.

This was about halfway through when my nose started to run and I started to sneeze, out of nowhere. This carried on until we had dinner (leftover chicken, corn on the cob, and salad). For dessert we each had the chocolate chocolate chip cookie we bought at the bakery yesterday. I was very surprised because usually bakery cookies are overly sweet, but this was sweetened just enough to take the bitterness from the dark chocolate and that's all, which was perfect as far as I'm concerned! I hate sugary foods.

Otherwise than the HGTV show, we have been watching What's My Line? and To Tell the Truth all afternoon. Now we're going to put The Last Detective on. This is the last of them.

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