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» Saturday, June 13, 2020
Sweet and Sour

An uneventful weekend, for which I'm heartily grateful. The big event of the four days was James' appointment at the Shepherd Center to get evaluated for a new power chair. We are supposed to be able to order a new one every five or six years, and it is six years in November. We are hoping they will let us have a new one, as one of the two motors is leaking oil and will need to be replaced, and it is best to replace both motors at the same time. The wheels also have dry rot or the rubber is chipped. Plus it's all banged up from the car accident where it was thrown across Olive Springs Road. Anyway, we'll see. Apparently Kaiser is now using different rules to approve them and has been turning requests for them down. If not we will have to just have this one fixed up. We tried to emphasize that without it James cannot go to work or really go anywhere—even the Glenlake Kaiser office!—that doesn't already have carts, like a supermarket or Walmart or Costco, and the technician must see how little James can move, because she tried to get him to walk in the hallway for six minutes, and he could barely manage two.

On Friday I got a shock. My old bank branch closed and I needed to re-establish my safe deposit box at the new bank built next door. Well, while James was at physical therapy, I went over to the bank to do that because the sign said "NOW OPEN." What it failed to say was "Open by appointment only." Whoever heard of an appointment to go to the bank? There weren't two people inside the building and they still wouldn't see me. Plus the bank employee asked for my name and telephone number to call me back, and never did. If I didn't have that stupid Access3 loan, I'd pull all my money out of the bank and set up a credit union account instead.

In better news, I found the wonderful farm which makes the sweet onion relish I love was now shipping their products without a charge. I ordered more of the sweet onion plus a spicy version for James, and the new bottles arrived on Friday.

Plus I have finally washed the winter things to put them away. Just about one month behind.

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