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» Saturday, June 06, 2020
Happiness is Friends
Another week, another visit to Urgent Care on Tuesday with James having signs of an urinary tract infection. Of course they wouldn't let me into Urgent Care, but I requested to go in to use the bathroom—I was feeling poorly myself—and after that I just tried to blend into the woodwork. Another guy was doing the same thing; we both just sat there and minded our own business. James was only there an hour and a half because he'd talked to the doctor beforehand and they were waiting for him. We picked up his antibiotic and went home.

Nothing much else going on for the week except that we watched a "Murdoch Mysteries" Christmas story, the first of them, A Merry Murdoch Christmas, which hit all the Christmas tropes: orphans, stolen gifts, some Christmas grinches (one of which was Inspector Brackenreid). It also involved what Quantum Leap called "a kiss with history" in featuring a young Mary Pickford (she did come from Toronto, but she was known as Gladys Smith back then), and also involved the European Christmas demon, Krampus. I had no idea Krampus was a tradition in Yorkshire, where Brackenreid is from. Oh, and we finally watched The Rise of Skywalker. Don't know what all the fuss was about: Star Wars was always intended as a flashback to the movie serials of the 1930s. Fans seem to expect it to be complicated and with depth. It's just supposed to be fun. Wish the script had allowed the viewer to pause for breath, and wish we'd seen more of Rose Tico instead of them making up a new female character, but I did love the final scene on Tatooine.

The best thing about this week was having Hair Day! We didn't have any lunch this time, people just brought snacks, in case everyone just wanted to come and go, but no one wanted to go. We sat around talking about books until almost two in the afternoon. John and Oreta had brought two big boxes of books they were getting rid of, and gave me two old series books. I also picked up a Mrs. Pollifax book and picked up about three books I thought James would be interested in.

It was so nice to have intelligent conversation in person after so many weeks.

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