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» Saturday, April 04, 2020
Weekend Musings

So this is the new normal: we spend Thursday and Friday hustling for groceries and Saturday at home because there's nowhere to go.

Thursday morning wasn't a happy place anyway. April 1 was very chilly in the early morning and I was out there enjoying every minute of it, taking in nice deep breaths of air that won't be cold for long. Fresh cold air is good for you when there's sickness around. However, even though the pollen count wasn't 8918 like it was on Monday, it was still a nice respectable figure in four digits. So I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and terrified. Taking a drink wouldn't help it, so I bundled up in my robe and went to sit fearfully in the spare room in the dark, sucking on a cough drop. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up, the cough was gone. Relief. Still terrifying.

Thursday we went to Kaiser to pick up James' prescriptions and were offered masks on the way in and glopped our hands with hand sanitizer. We were already carrying masks. A couple of Christmases ago I had a bad cold and still wanted to go to Christmas dinner. I wore a surgical mask, didn't hug anyone, and sat in a corner during dinner. And we still had masks left over, so we used them. They were out of Lyrica, so we now need to go back.

Of course Publix was out of everything paper and everything disinfectant; and they were out of a lot of meat, but we did manage to snag some turkey thighs. I nearly fainted.

We didn't have to worry about meat; on Friday we went to Patak's and they had lots. We had to stand on pink X's taped on the floor and ground set six feet apart, but it worked fine. James got pastrami and I got mortadella, and we got stew beef and stew pork, chicken wings, and Italian sausage. We also stopped at Lidl so we'd have bread to eat the lunchmeat in; got more oranges and apples and cucumbers and the riced veg. (James made beef stir fry with the stew beef, the riced veg, and diced celery. It was wonderful and we had enough left for a second meal.)

James spent all day Saturday making burritos, even if he teleworking and doesn't need them to eat on the run going to work, so I pulled out the hose and washed the pine pollen off the porch and the front steps and the driveway. I thought the bulk of the pine pollen drifts had quit falling, but there was fresh pine pollen on the garbage can the next day. Sigh.

The one bright spot in the weekend was the series finale of Hawaii Five-0. It wasn't anything spectacular (except that Danny did a Steve and extricated himself from a dangerous situation in a highly athletic manner), and I knew the moment Lincoln mentioned Catherine that she would show up at the end, but it was kind of fitting: Steve wanted to find peace, and Catherine was his.

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