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» Tuesday, April 07, 2020
A Happy Surprise
I wanted desperately to get up early this morning and attend the seniors' shopping hours at Kroger, since I was almost out of milk. (Have you seen the stories on the news about the dairy farmers? With schools and restaurants closed, they are having to dump their milk! It breaks my heart. Buy milk, people, instead of that stupid colored sweetened bubbly junk and liquor!) But I slept badly because of body aches, and didn't get dressed and out until 8:30. Originally I was just going to the post office to mail Emma's birthday gift, but instead, fearfully, I did go by Kroger, which had been open to regular customers since eight. They were talking about long lines outside the grocery stores now that they have to maintain more space between shoppers.

But there was no line. I was able to get milk, some emergency toilet paper (I don't usually get that 2-ply junk, but that's all they had), some non-disinfecting wipes for bathroom cleanups, pineapple cups so James can have his morning slushie, and a box of Kleenex. Alas, only salted canned mushrooms. And then I started chatting with the lady in front of me, who was picking up stuff for her disabled daughter. When she got to the cashier, the cashier told her she was only allowed to buy one container of Lysol disinfecting wipes. I haven't seen Lysol wipes in three weeks and didn't even think of looking for them! So I asked if I could have her second container and she handed them over.

Such a simple thing to make me so happy that I went home to announce it!

Happy Easter, ma'am, and I hope your daughter is okay. God bless you.