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» Saturday, February 29, 2020
Leap Weekend

It was nice that Leap Year Day fell on a weekend so most people didn't get an additional workday. At least it didn't rain all weekend!

The big treat was going to Olive Garden on Saturday. They have a usual deal that if you buy an entree, you can get a "To Go" entree (three different meals; not every thing on the menu) for only $5. Well, for Leap Day the "To Go" was only $2.29. So we had a nice plain pasta meal, and then both got "To Go" spaghetti and meat sauce entrees. (Turned out our waitress wasn't supposed to let us have two. But she did. She was a great waitress, too; we gave her a nice tip.)

Did some grocery store hopping and got some nice bargains, too: two Lidls, a Publix, a Kroger, and to top it off Nam Dae Mun (where we found great lamb steaks). Discovered in Kroger that they are still making Cadbury chocolate filled chocolate eggs, so I got some to put away for Easter.

Lunch this week was at O'Charley's with Mel, Phyllis, and Leigh. Alice and Ken couldn't come because Ken was in the hospital. Thankfully they found out it was because he had an infection and a wrong medicine dosage and he was not there too long. Alice agrees with me about how bad the cafeteria is at Emory St. Joseph! She could have gotten a better meal by walking across the street and going to Northside Hospital—and Northside is no prize when it comes to cafeterias!

We also went to Hangar Orthopedics and ordered James some new shoes. Boy has the price gone up; it's tripled in three years!

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