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» Saturday, February 01, 2020
Between the Raindrops

No, no, weather. You don't understand. You're supposed to rain Monday through Wednesday, so James can stay at home. Not Thursday through Saturday when we're (mostly) having weekends.

Thursday we got the grocery shopping out of the way as soon as possible, which is fine with me; I hate grocery shopping. James didn't need lunchmeat, which meant we could go to the Publix on Floyd Road (which doesn't have the low-sodium ham). Of course first we stopped at Lidl and got fresh bread, three gallons of milk, and an assortment of vegetables (cucumbers and onions) and fruit (oranges and Granny Smith apples), which I got 15 percent off on as a shopping reward. That was a nice surprise! Then we picked up BOGOs at Publix and headed home for lunch.

Since we'd done our due diligence, we now could go have fun. We settled for wandering around the Barnes & Noble at Town Center, although James couldn't have the hot chocolate he was craving, as the Starbucks next door had closed. (I don't have any hope that they will do the right thing and expand the bookstore into that space...)

And that was our big doings for Thursday. I'd wish for something interesting to happen, but these days, instead of being museums and trips, "interesting" usually involves hospitals and illness, so I wish for "routine" and deal with it.

Friday was damp, drizzly, and raw, and we stayed inside during the morning until it was time for lunch. We met Alice, Ken, and Aubrey at Uncle Maddio's, and then they followed us home. Aubrey was taking our old exercise bike for her own, and she was also going to contribute the box of food I had put together to the food bank at the church she works for. I don't envy Aubrey her taxes: she is working for a nonprofit, and also has her own small business, so it's complicated.

Alice invited us over later in the afternoon to watch the new Star Trek: Picard. Since we had already had our dinner at the pizza place, we told her we'd bring along our own sandwiches and we could have a picnic. We watched the first two episodes and also the interview show "The Ready Room," hosted by Wil Wheaton, about the series. It is very good! I wasn't particularly enchanted with Discovery, but this was quite compelling. Jean-Luc Picard has retreated to the family vineyard, closeted away from a world which has outlawed androids (like Data of the Next Generation series) after the android workers at the Starfleet Mars outpost went berserk and killed all the sentient beings working there. Suddenly a young woman shows up. Earlier in the episode she and her boyfriend were attacked by strange assailants; he was killed, but she automatically defended herself, she knows not how, and killed all of them. She somehow knows Picard can help her with this, but he no sooner tries than she is killed. Feeling responsible, he does some research, and comes to the conclusion that she was a perfect human-appearing android, and the daughter of Data! Plus she has a twin sister!

It only gets better from there!

And there was today: still cloudy, not as raw. James needed "plastic" cheese (Kraft cheese slices) and it was on discount at Sam's Club, so we risked the Saturday crowds and made the trip. As always, it was crowded, but the crowd was stocking up on distinctly different products than they usually buy, which was the only reason I remembered that tomorrow was the Stupor Bowl. Instead of a variety of staples, people were loading their carts with party supplies, bags of chips and bottles of salsa, long slabs of pork ribs, steaks, pre-made shish kebabs, big bags of Tyson chicken wings, pork roasts... I was starving by the time we left and the smell of the rotisserie chicken we bought did not help.

Nor was having to drive down to Hobby Lobby to get something I needed before we could go home. Found some nice calligraphy pens on discount and came home with those as well. Then James made tater tots in the air fryer and we had those with the chicken. We still have enough left for at least one meal, too. Yummmmm. Tater tots in the air fryer are prime: crispy outside, soft and tasty inside, no grease whatsover. Just crisp and potato flavor.

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