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» Saturday, November 30, 2019
No-Rush Shopping and Second Thanksgiving

Friday was very, very weird, because, for years I have been getting up early to hit specials on Black Friday. Oh, my goodness, you may say, you actually get in line at o'dark thirty, or brave the crush at Walmart?

Hon, I wouldn't go near Walmart on Black Friday with a twenty foot pole. Or near a mall or any of the big stores. My only daring feat has been going into Best Buy for the past eight or so years to get the latest season of The Big Bang Theory which is usually on sale for $8.99 or $9.99 on DVD. (It doesn't appear to have been sale priced this year, probably because it was the final season. Well, then they can wait on me to buy it, too.) I usually found myself at Michaels or JoAnn, or more often Office Max/Depot or Staples waiting on cool stuff like cheap thumb drives, printers, and once a paper shredder. Then I'd come home and fall asleep again.

This year it was strange to sleep until eight, and also a good thing, too, because my mercurial digestive system had decided it didn't like something in yesterday's smorgasbord and had kept me up until 2 a.m., with only this year's new Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas book to keep me occupied. All I wanted to do is get some sleep after all that.

We'd been trying to find out all week if Barnes & Noble was going to do its usual Black Friday thing of having all the magazines 30 percent off, but they wouldn't get a clue, so after breakfast and dog walk we went out there. Skunked. I did buy the magazines I wanted, but with the discount I usually get a few more issues of "Christmas porn" (all those exquisitely decorated homes that I don't understand how people afford). Not this time. I did use my coupons to get two paperbacks on discounts. It was the lamest Black Friday sale ever at B&N; usually they have a nice assortment of coffee table books half off, the Taaschen photo albums for $10 each, and some good sales on hardbacks. This year all we got was half price on the B&N classic editions (most of which are in the public domain) and a few assorted "bestsellers" and some political screeds. (James Patterson Book-of-the-Month Club, your December offering is here!) They didn't even have Christmas books on sale.

We went to both the Akers Mill store and the Town Center store to see if there was anything different at the second place. Eh. I bought a gift to put away. We also went to Sam's Club to look at something for the house, but we didn't know which to get, so we just came home with milk, a discount pack of round steaks, and a multipack of reading glasses for James. We got six meals out of the steaks, and had one for supper. Have I mentioned how well James cooks? These were so good!

Today Mr. Digestive System decided he was still in a snit about something and, although we made it to Publix to do the regular shopping, we had to head directly home. I was mostly sick until a little after two when things improved and we finally packed up to go to Alice's house for Second Thanksgiving. We are getting to be like hobbits in our old age. 😀 Alice actually hosted and made potatoes and the gravy; Juanita cooked the turkey, and folks brought sides and desserts. No owls tonight, just the people down the street from them having a party with a bouncy house and Christmas lights. We ate, conversed, watched the Alabama vs. Auburn game, talked about our pets, ate more. I just ate a little turkey and potatoes and left the ham, which may have been the earlier culprit; don't know, but we quit having ham because it's so salty and my tummy may not have liked it.

Saw lots of Christmas lights up on the way home. Hoping I'm feeling well enough to put some up tomorrow. Dish has all their Christmas music channels on and we listened to Classical Holiday until it was time for the news. Christmas music is even lovelier when accompanied by budgie song.

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