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» Saturday, November 23, 2019
Just Another Rainy Saturday

So, we were pretty much confined to the house unless we wanted to go to a grocery store or somewhere like Walmart where they have electric carts. James made more breakfast burritos, I did a couple of small chores including cleaning out the bottom of the refrigerator and the two bins.

Mostly messed with PBS Passport (which has the worst menu ever; it will only show you 100 things on your watchlist and I have many more than that, having gone through all the regional specials and cherry-picked stuff I wanted to see: a North Carolina show that focuses on history, Christmas specials, a couple of food history series, etc) and caught up with This Old House (I have them set to record on the DVR, but GPB and WPBA both mess up the programming by showing it as The This Old House Hour). I also watched what I thought would be a tour of the Penn Dutch are, but is more a show about where to stay when vacationing with kids. It was quite a pleasant little show, though, and I don't regret watching it. Also watched a special about Austrian Christmas markets. I have seen several of these, and this one was not my favorite. The host was a blonde young woman who narrated the show as if we were 10-year-olds having to be given a primer course in Austrian Christmas customs. ("So, in Austria the Christ Child brings the gifts? And they get them on Christmas Eve?" [eyeroll]) Really gorgeous items being sold, and tasty looking pastry, which of course she had to drool over, and there were shuddering reactions to Krampus.

Anyway, wish there was some way, any way, to put these in order on Passport. Really, really bad interface. Netflix has had ordered interfaces for freaking years. Get yourself a better web programmer, guys. Really.

James made chicken wings for supper, but we bought them by the pound rather than by the each and there weren't really enough. Spent the evening watching Father Brown, A Place in the Country, and the Britcoms.

And, once more, weekend has gone "poof!"

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