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» Saturday, October 12, 2019
Books and Buddies

Well, at least we had no unpleasant surprises this weekend. The old blister on James' leg is still healing, the new blister is healing pretty well, and the doxycycline seems to be working on the new infection.

Thursday was our errand day: we drove to the local government office to pay the house tax (great relief this year as I applied for the age 62 exemption and now the tax bill is less than half of what it was; once I'm 65 we can get another exemption that will cut it down a little more), then went on to Kaiser to fetch James' medications. His doctor always writes the scrips for 90 days, but somehow between his checkups it gets cut down to 30 on two or three of them, which means we either have to mail order them every three weeks or go pick them up every three weeks. I hate the bottles they have to ship them in; they take up too much room on the two pill shelves, so we usually pick them up.

Then we were able to have a little fun at Barnes & Noble. There was a coupon this weekend, so I picked up the new Ideals Christmas, and I also found a couple of items on the clearance table that I can donate for Toys for Tots.

Finally, on the way home, we stopped at Publix and did the weekly shopping.

Friday I was up early for the Friends of the Library book sale (see here), and then we had lunch (alas, on our own this week as everyone else had appointments) at Chow King, the Chinese buffet on Cobb Parkway. It's been open some time but we've avoided it because it's between the Best Buy and Scalini's Italian restaurant, and frankly just getting into the parking lot is a pain in the neck, not to mention the parking. Generally we were pleased with the food, and most of it was not overly salted. Hibachi Grill's teriyaki chicken is better, but Chow King has sesame chicken (not bad) and their honey chicken is sweeter. They do have potstickers, and I could have made a whole meal on them alone (nice dipping sauce, too). I thought the wonton soup was a bit watery (James disagreed) but the wontons are stuffed full! Didn't have a egg roll, so I can't comment. Big dessert bar, though, and their cream puffs don't have raspberry ick inside them like at Hibachi.

We needed more nonstick pads for my nursing ablutions, so we went to Walmart (after trying not to scream at the prices at Walgreens—less than half the price at Wally World; got paper tape as well), and stopped at Lidl for those small necessities like milk and chocolate on the way home.

Saturday was James' meeting, so he left home at 10:30. I was curious to see the new remodeled Love Street shop. It's been finished for a while, but it's been too hot for me to even consider going there. Actually, it's a new Love Street location. The original Love Street store was in a tiny five room house on the corner of Concord Road and Love Street. Later the owners expanded and bought the old house next door (a little bit bigger, but tiny compared to today's homes) and opened a women's clothing and accessory store called Heart and Soul. First they remodeled Love Street to shift the front door to the other side of the porch. We figured this was it, but then last year both stores completely closed for a bigger remodel. What they eventually did was put Love Street in the bigger house and now Heart and Soul is at the original Love Street. So I wandered around the new Love Street for about a half hour, but the gifts are pretty expensive (especially the branded items) and I left without anything, and besides it was time for me to head up to Mellow Mushroom at Town Center, where Jessie Elder's 26th birthday party was taking place.

James wanted to go to the party, too, so he split the difference: he went to lunch with the guys, and then came to the party. It was cool enough that we could sit on the patio, and we had a great time.

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