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» Saturday, September 14, 2019
Another Weekend Goes Skimming By

We had to get something important out of the way this weekend.

But before that came Thursday. We got the grocery shopping, that inescapable fact of life, out of the way in the morning. They had chicken and wild rice soup on the soup bar at Publix, which we picked up for a quick weekend supper.

Since both James and Ken had doctors' appointments on Friday at lunchtime, we switched lunch to Thursday. The restaurant du jour was Okinawa, which is at the East-West Connector where Borders (::sob!::) used to be. Only six diners today, since Aubrey was working. We talked about the Breakaway Space: 1999 convention this weekend and wished we were there.

Afterwards James and I stopped at Kaiser to pick up the meds he'd reordered, and then we went home, because it was just too damn hot to be outside. It was almost one hundred today. Summer just won't quit, the wretched beast.

We had finally worked through all the Perry Mason episodes available on Amazon Prime and are now starting Babylon 5 from the beginning. Unlike some people, I really enjoy first season and Michael O'Hare as the commander of the station. He was more like a British series lead than an American one, and I was sorry when he left, even though we didn't know why at the time.

Friday morning we had to find out the results of the PET scan, so we drove out to Glenlake for an appointment with Dr. Shash. He reported that a slight abnormality had shown up in the PET scan: it's in the same small vessel in his heart the doctor let be the last two times. The problem is, if Dr. Shash goes in and fixes it with a stent, the vessel is so small he will have to use the highest contrast dye to view it properly. At this point he feels the contrast dye will do more damage to James' kidneys than the abnormality of the vessel will do to his heart. So we've left it at:

If James gets a chest pain, takes a nitroglycerin, and it goes away, leave it (just let the doctor know it happened). (If that keeps happening frequently, there's something they can put him on.)

If he gets a chest pain, and the nitro doesn't help, we skip going to Urgent Care completely and instead go directly to the hospital Kaiser is affiliated with. Then they do the catherization and we start working on getting the kidneys back to normal. Again.

At least we have a plan of action.

Alas, this means James' teleworking days have come to an end unless the chance of rain is high. With the weather reports we are getting, fat chance. So it is back to him losing 45 minutes of sleep and us eating at night (which is, again, terrible for our weight). Sigh.

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's. We wanted to see if they had pumpkin fruit bars yet. They did indeed. And pumpkin soup and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin butter and pumpkin...everything. Even pumpkin dog biscuits, which we bought for Tucker. We have to stock up on the fruit bars because they only have the pumpkin ones in October.

For lunch James stopped at Chicken Salad Chick so I could pop out to buy...guess what...some chicken salad for both sandwiches and after-supper snacks for James. I also ran into Sprouts for a "baby boule," their round loaf of country-style bread. Then when we got home we could have some sandwiches for lunch. Supper was the Publix soup, and more Babylon 5.

We actually may have slept a little later than usual on Saturday. Certainly it seemed like no time at all that James packed up the power chair and went off to his club meeting. As hot and sticky as it was outside, I wanted to rack two things off a to-do list that had existed since spring. I had bought a new hose (ours had a crack in it) and a new nozzle (ours was broken) in the spring. Once the pine pollen is done giving everything a yellow scum in April, I usually wash the porch down. But it's been in the 90s since the pine pollen went away and I just didn't want to go outside for any reason except needing bread and books, so the hose and nozzle have been taking up space in the garage. While it was still shady out front I uncoupled the old hose, threw the whole kit and kaboodle in the trash can, installed the new hose and nozzle, and washed off the porch, finally. I'd put up the autumn wreath, basket, and flag on the 12th, and I took everything down to clean thoroughly before putting them back up.

Sigh, apparently I am incapable of hitching up a hose and nozzle without getting wet. Dammit.

Then I cleaned up and went out. If I don't start using my Tin Drum rewards, they will quit sending them to me. And I wanted to stop at the new Five Below.

I didn't have to stop at Barnes & Noble, but I did. Two mysteries in my series are out, but one is discounted on Amazon, the other isn't. I used my B&N discount for that other, and got a new cross-stitch magazine. Next I went to Five Below, which recently moved into half of the old Sports Authority at Akers Mill shopping center. I was sorely disappointed because they do not stock the dark chocolate Hershey's almond bars like the other Five Below stores do. I was able to get the dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups, which we have for desserts.

Then I waited on my double protein to-go from Tin Drum. This will give me enough food for two small lunches next week.

It took forever to get home. I didn't linger anywhere, but stuff kept delaying me. It took four people to get the don't-steal-me gadget off the turntable being purchased by the people in front of me at the bookstore, and longer for me to check out at Five Below. By the time I got home I was starving, but I just had a little bit of my Okinawa leftover and a slice of the boule. I had to save the calories for Taste of Smyrna.

James got home in time to cool off a little, and then about five we set out for the festival. It wasn't blazingly hot, but sticky, and I felt like I was walking through molasses. After all that, Taste of Smyrna was a little disappointing. The Thai people did not show up this year, nor did the Cajun place James likes and who always show up at these festivals. We both had our favorite "drunken pork" on cream grits from Atkins Park, two potstickers from the healthy Chinese dipping sauce folks, and pork barbecue from Williamson Brothers (but, heck, we can get that anytime). James also picked up some of Rodney's award-winning soul food as a lunch. I didn't see anything else that floated my boat. The Italian place was only giving out big meals (chicken marsala and pasta, chicken something else and pasta, etc.), I didn't want Mexican, or deep fried anything. Almost went back for a gyro, but decided not to. We had Bruster's ice cream for dessert, then came home, and went back into space.

How does it get to be Sunday so quickly?

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