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» Tuesday, September 03, 2019
And So, Back to Reality one day you're in a magical place with costumed figures, intellectually stimulating or funny panels, and friends, some whom you only see once a year. And then you're back home scrubbing the toilet and running to Publix for this week's BOGOs before next week's BOGOs take over tomorrow. 😊

So let me tell you my Publix story.

Monday is my designated day for bathroom scrubs and kitchen floor washing. Since yesterday I was at Dragoncon, this was now today's schedule. Got one bathroom done, then looked up and noticed something we used a lot was out. And remembered it was on BOGO at Publix, but only through today. So I tossed on clothes and went.

I have the Publix app open, am halfway through my list when I realized that earlier I emptied my backpack of everything.

Except my wallet. I didn't have my backpack, but am back to my waist pack. Darnn. Now I was going to have to abandon cart, run know the drill.

Then I happened to glance down at the lower right hand corner of the Publix app, next to the "list" button. "Pay"? I can pay on my phone? Yep, all I had to do was pick a PIN number, enter my name, Google entered the rest of the info, and I was in. Whew.

Got to the cash register and told them I was using the app for the first time, so to let me know what to do. All you have to do after they ring up the order is hit "pay" and then scan the QR code at the bottom of the screen totaling up your order.

Except I forgot to hand the cashier the "Just Cross Stitch" with the autumn cover that I was holding so the condensation from the yogurt cups and the package of turkey thighs wouldn't get it wet. So she rang the magazine up and I thought I had to scan again, but it said it had scanned already.

Long story short it took three people to figure out what was going on (she had to push a button on the register to get the receipt to print out). Seemed like it took forever, but it was only a few minutes, and I still felt bad for the poor policeman in line behind me who was getting his lunch and had to wait for the crazy lady with the phone.

This is the second time Publix has saved my butt since June. Thanks, guys!

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