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» Saturday, August 17, 2019
When is a Peach Not an Apple, and Other Tales

Alas, the clouds were not so cooperative today when I took the dog out, although it was not as warming starting out as it had been. We needed to get on the road to get the grocery shopping done, so it was a short walk, a quick breakfast, and then off to Publix. There were several great BOGOs this week, and we also got more hummus as a snack. They were offering it at a sample last week, and we both wanted something healthier to snack on. James got a chili-flavored one, which he has on "Pain de Fleurs" flatbread, which is low carb. I got "everything bagel" flavor which I have with pretzel sticks. They also had small pies on BOGO and I picked up an apple and a blueberry after wading through over a dozen peach pies.

Came home to put the perishables away and wait a bit, then off to West Cobb Diner for lunch. James and Phyllis were talking at Hair Day about how much they missed getting together for lunch when we used to have "Myriad lunch" with all of us who worked at CDC. So when we go out to lunch on Friday we send out a text to anyone who wants to come. It's had a rocky start, but today we had a nice crowd at West Cobb: Alice and Ken, Aubrey, Juanita, and Jessie. (We less liked having to navigate the parking lot, which was half blocked off for repaving.) We were talking a lot about the Little League World Series because Alice and Juanita had gone to see one of the preliminary games. (I discovered later on that a team from Barrington, RI, was also participating.) Since we are "old pharts" now, we also talked about going to the doctor a lot.

We finally broke up a couple of hours later (Alice said the waitress was giving us a gimlet eye) and Alice and Ken, at least, headed off to Hobby Lobby. We, alas, had to go to Sam's Club. James needed more mandarin orange cups for his morning drink and I needed more Skinny Pop. Well...puckernuts. They don't have the multipacks of mandarin oranges in juice anymore (just in gel—ugh). We got mixed fruit instead and James says it's not bad. We hope Costco still has the oranges (when we can afford to re-up the membership). Got popcorn and American cheese and I bought a fall magazine since there's a big discount on magazines there.

By then it was midafternoon, the sun was blazing like the center of a blast furnace, and we skipped putting gasoline in the truck and just came home.

Puttering around in the craft room a little, and it's still a mess, even after I cleaned it out in the spring to get alternative use out of the loveseat I can't seem to dump. Urgh. Later on we watched more Perry Mason and I wrapped birthday gifts for tomorrow's Hair Day.

Had a rude surprise after supper: we decided to have a piece of the apple pie. Even though the label said apple, it was a peach pie. Arrrgh.

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