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» Saturday, August 17, 2019
O Where, O Where, is My Ott Bulb Gone?

No sleeping late or long dog walks today: up early to go to Hair Day. We were on the go earlier than usual because we were supplying the bread for deli sandwiches and we wanted to get it fresh at Lidl. So Tucker was chivvied outside, then back in, we ate, then were off to Lidl. We got wheat sourdough, farmer's bread, and cibatta, then headed to the Butlers.

There was a small crowd today. Distributed birthday gifts (Ron and Phyllis), folks got their hair cut, and then we had lunch early since Sheri (the hairdresser) is leaving on her vacation this afternoon. Turned out we brought far too much bread even with the little we bought. Saw most of Sing while we were there. Cute inspirational film with performing animals.

We were off at noon so James could get to to his club meeting (it was this week because last week was the National contest—suitably appropriate for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, an exquisitely detailed model of the LM ran away with all the prizes). I loaded the chair for him, then he was off, and I went to JoAnn. I had a 60 percent off coupon and hoped to get a spare bulb for my Ott Light so I wouldn't be caught short. Alas, the bulbs come in two varieties, A and E, each with a different ballast mount, and I didn't know which I had. Tried to find my model light on the web in the hope I could find what bulb it took and evidently they don't make it anymore. [eyeroll] I got myself a set of crafting tweezers instead, replacement bulbs for the window candles, and some BOGO journaling stickers. By the time I walked back out to the parking lot it was melting temperature and I wondered why in Sam Hill I'd even stepped out the door. I could have vacuumed.

Dropped in at Michael's for a minute to check if they had something, then headed home through the park—two people only out walking when this place is usually mobbed on Saturdays!

James arrived home about an hour later, we had sandwiches for supper, and our weekend ended (poof! three days over once again!) with—yes,  you guessed it!—more Perry Mason.

[P.S. I messaged someone at Publix about the peach pie pickle. They are sending us a gift card for our inconvenience!]

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